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What I’ve learnt from women is about sharing our stories, and empowering women whilst supporting them. 

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Featured Episodes

EP 001: Claire Coupland

This week’s episode is a solo episode with me, your host. 

Chatting about Yorkshire grit, selling frocks and Legally Blonde. Discussing age and relevance, Michele Yeoh and the nature of competition.



EP 002: Sara Tasker

My guest this week is the wonderful Sara Tasker, Writer, Photographer, Coach and so much more.

Sara and I have worked together for a few years and it felt so right to welcome her as my first guest, given how much I’ve learnt from her.


EP 003: Changing the World by Being Yourself with Emily Charlotte Powell

In this week’s episode, I chat to Emily about following your dreams, and the relationship between happiness and success. We also talk about traditions and how what we say has an impact. It’s such a lovely episode, Emily shares some amazing thoughts and quite a few great book recommendations!



EP 004: Quiet Ambition and the Importance of Balance with Sarah Robertson

This week the lovely Sarah Robertson joins me for a chat about women.

Sarah is a brand designer, creative mentor, and writer. She has a slow approach to doing business, something that I really look up to and admire. 

We have a great conversation about how rest is important and how to run a business that feels aligned with yourself. 

EP 005: Finding joy in the small things and the importance of community with Anna Dunleavy

In today’s episode, we have the lovely Anna Dunleavy. She is a fantastic coach and a wonderful wedding photographer. Seriously go look at her photography. It’s beautiful. We have been friends for a long time, we met during co-working together. And yeah, just really hit it off. So I’m really excited for you to hear this episode.

EP 006: Being a superhero, and harnessing the power of the women in our lives with Elle Williamson

This week’s episode is with the lovely Elle Willaimson. She helps small businesses show up online and sell more online. Working mainly with Shopify websites, and Klaviyo email marketing, but has an e-commerce background.


EP 007: Self- relationship, freedom and questioning the shoulds with Solas Forest

In today’s episode, we have the lovely Solas Forest. Solas is a deeply empathic, intuitive coach and guide, but most importantly someone who has extensive lived experience with physical and mental illness and all the dark torn vines that come with them. I’m really excited for you to hear this episode.


Meet the Host

Hey I’m Claire certified coach, projector & gentle rebel​

Based in Nottingham, but working worldwide.

I’m a quiet rebel pursuing my wildest dreams of being myself, exactly as I am.

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