On a mission to help women find their gentle rebel and live life on their terms

Claire The Moxie Coach Two
Your Go To Health & Business Coach

Ever felt like you couldn’t be yourself?

That you couldn’t do it your way?

Or that you weren’t good enough?

You’re not alone!

Being yourself is a quiet form of activism,

It takes self-belief,

It takes time,

It takes practice…

Claire The Moxie Coach Eight

Hey, I'm Claire

And I’m on a mission to help women find their passions, purpose and path. We’ve come a long way but we have so much further to go. 

My dream is that more women can find the freedom they are looking for without having to sacrifice other things in their lives. That we can be successful on our own terms and give up the ‘shoulds’.

I left a secure career to follow my dream of living a life filled with freedom and creativity and am here to help you do the same. Even though it was scary at times I found my path and have never looked back and so can you. 

I work with people like you to make changes, take big leaps and transform their lives.







Want to do it your own way? We need to find your inner gentle rebel...

It’s trying to get out.

Your gentle rebel is the one who says it’s okay to nap on a work day, or gives you permission to work fewer hours.

It wants you to question the business and working rules we all think we have to stick to and give you back your freedom. 

It wants to help you stop apologising for being you and  live without comparison. It wants you to be unstoppable, and it believes you can be.  

Working together is just the start, the start of you uncovering your gentle rebel and living life on your terms. 

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