Ok, Are You ready to Find your inner gentle rebel?


My proven, transformational coaching will help your dig deep and make real changes, so that you can live the life you dream of, now.

Designed in three stages, to take you from stuck to success.



This is were we’ll make space to talk through the situations that are presenting 



Here we’ll explore and dive in deeper, using techniques and tools to find the path forward



Finally, we’ll make plans for the future, coming up with ideas, intentions and  goals 

You feel stuck?

Do you have no idea which path to follow?

You are procrastinating?

Do you find yourself wanting to do something but keep putting it off? 

Overwhelmed by your To-Do List

Do you find yourself with a never-ending to-do list that is impossible to prioritise? 

So Does this Sound Familiar to you?

imagine finding your own path and walking it...

Yes, it’s totally Possible, and I’ve helped heaps of other people just like you find just that!

“You’re an amazing coach!

I love our sessions, I feel freer.”




“Claire’s great! She’s got knowledge & kindness, our calls were full of useful information and she shared wonderful resources. My business vision is clear now and I know little improvements can be done month by month.”


“I just wanted to say thank you. The hour that I had with you was so, so beneficial, you’re amazing! It’s a big breakthrough and is going to make my life so much easier!”



Here's What's Included

All coaching packages contain the following…

One to One calls

Transformational Exercises 

Email support between calls

Any worksheets or exercises needed 


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What to Expect From Coaching together


Together we’ll get really clear about what’s going on, delve deep into what might be behind it and work through it the tools.


You’ll connect with your core values and yourself on a deeper level. Delving deep will help you to know yourself better.


Through the process of coaching, we’ll design your own path. You’ll choose how to go forward in your own way.


Yep, I was Once in your Shoes too

I was a good girl, a perfectionist who worried about what everyone thought. I procrastinated on the big things and felt stuck in a career most would dream of. Only the work-life balance made my chronic illness intolerable so I left. 

I built a life that I love, designed my own path and let go of perfectionism. Coaching helped me do that and in turn, led me to train as a coach. 

And now I get to help others do it for themselves too. 

Coaching Options

Create Clarity

£ 555
  • three 60 Minute Calls
  • Transformation tools
  • Email Support

Curiosity Call

£ 185
  • One 60 minute Call
  • Transformation tools
  • Email Support

Time to Thrive

£ 1100
  • Six 60 minute calls
  • Transformation tools
  • Email Support

Looking more for advice or support with an issue in your Business?

Are you looking more for time with someone who can help you fix something that’s not quite working in your business? Maybe it’s one of the following:

  • A website issue
  • A problem with your marketing
  • Some advice on how to streamline or automate
  • Strategy for growing your business
  • Social media, Pinterest or SEO advice and planning
  • Productivity software set-up or design
  • or any other technical or strategy issue you’re experiencing 
You need The Moxie Hour, one hour dedicated to getting you unstuck. Click below to see more about the package or book a discovery call to chat about how we can work together. 


£ 185
  • ONE 60 Minute Call
  • Email Support

For passionate PEOPLE who want to show up exactly as they are
find their inner rebel, run their business how they want and be themselves without apology

Find the Anwer to FAQs

I can imagine you have lots of questions before working with a coach, so I’ve answered a few here. If I haven’t covered something drop me an email at hello@clairecoupland.co.uk and I’ll get back to you. 

Whenever you are ready, I have availability most weeks. Before you check out you’ll be able to choose a time that works for you. 

Session prices are above. Click here to see them. 

Yes of course, you’ll see the options at checkout. 

My scheduling software schedules the appointments for an hour so we have time to chat at the beginning and the end, but they typically last between 45- 60 minutes. 

Yes I am. I’m a Certified Transformational Coach. I trained with Animas on their ICF accredited course.

I am currently working towards the ICF ACC qualification. 

I’m also a qualified mentor and teacher. With an MSc in Education.

I do, and have worked with clients who identify/are diagnosed as neurodivergent. 

I am however not an expert in this field but can recommend someone who is if that would be your preference, just drop me an email at hello@clairecoupland.co.uk and I’ll forward you their details.

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Want To chat Before Signing UP?

Deciding what the right fit is or even if we will work well together is really important.

The last thing I want is for you to invest in coaching that doesn’t feel right.

So if you have any doubts or questions book a discovery call so we can see if working together will work for you.

There will be no hard sell from me, just a chat where you can ask any questions and we can see how we get on.